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Some TMNT Comics Love

So I saw the new TMNT movie last weekend. It was hilariously dumb and fun. I enjoyed it for the most part, but there were tons of plot holes, bad acting and a laundry list of summer movie cliches. But I really liked Thad Castle as Raph and Iron Man + Lord Zedd had a baby that grew up to be this movie’s Shredder. Its hilarious. Perfect riff material for you and some friends if you enjoy making fun of movies.

So after seeing the movie, despite all its flaws, it still got me into a Ninja Turtles mood. I had the first 4 of 5 Ultimate Collections I’d been buying here and there from IDW. So I ordered the final volume, collection completed.


Always an awesome feeling to finish buying a series of books. And these excellent hardcovers collecting the earliest adventures of the TMNT are must haves for big fans of the franchise.

But that wasn’t quite enough for me. I enjoyed the hell out of those 5 books, but I wanted more TMNT. So I bought some of the comics while they were on sale digitally.


Still not enough. I had read the Northampton arc a few months back but that was for Ross Campbell’s art. But I called the comic shop to see if they had the issues in between Northampton and up to the current issue, they did, I ran over and bought them and now I’m adding this series to the pull list. Its amazing and I’ve been missing out on it for too long.


So I just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation to IDW for the amazing Ultimate Collections. Easily some of the best books in my library. And the fantastic ongoing that has me hooked.

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